October Favorites: Style and Fashion

Oh, October. The month when fall is actually fall. When temperatures finally start to dip below those balmy 70 degree marks and you’re forced to throw on something other than just a t shirt and shorts. Fall is one of the best seasons for fashion, in my personal opinion. It’s the time where you can FINALLY pull out those trusty old sweaters and boots. It also happens to be the only *socially acceptable* time to order a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Truthfully I would order one year-round, but its exclusivity is what makes it feel so synonymous with this season, so I guess we can let it go! lol

Anyway, these have been my go-to pieces this past October:

BlankNYC Leather Jacket(Nordstrom, $168) : Everyone needs that perfect leather jacket in their wardrobe! Whether it be faux, real, black or brown, it’s a necessity. I found this one at Nordstrom a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love… ya know when you see something, and you double take, and then you don’t look away? Time stops, and in that moment… all you care about is what you’re looking at?? That was me with this jacket. I’m sure I looked like an idiot b-lining it to the rack it was sitting on. The embroidery is so delicate which is a nice juxtaposition to the studs and leather. It’s like my personality in a coat. Seriously. It’s great with jeans or leggings, it can totally be dressed up or down! And the silk lining makes it feel that much more exquisite.

Simone High Waisted Jeans(Abercrombie & Fitch, $70-$90, $39 on promoHear me out on this one. Their now ex-CEO is a total twat. His remarks about how A&F chooses to market their merchandise and size only for the “cool” crowd had me going WILD in 2014. As someone who has always been on the bigger side(at my heaviest, I was wearing size 18 jeans from American Eagle, presently a 12/14 in AE), I couldn’t believe he had the audacity to say that someone who cannot fit into their clothing is not part of the “cool” group. I was cool as a teenager. I’m freaking cool as an adult. And now that I’m older and not so concerned about physical attributes or the way others see my body, I’M HERE TO GIVE TWO BIG MIDDLE FINGERS UP TO MIKE JEFFRIES. LOOK AT MY FAT ASS FITTING INTO A SIZE 12 IN YOUR DENIM. Also shoutout to Fran Horowitz for taking over the company and not only making the price points more accessible, but expanding the sizing to include womens’ XL and 31/12 and 32/14 sizing. Not only will this boost sales as their market is now wider than it previously had been, but it was also the best PR move she could have made. Fran is saving the brand Jeffries worked so hard to build, and she’s doing it by doing the exact opposite that he was doing. ANYWAY these jeans are the bees knees. They are so comfortable, I’d even go as far as to say more comfortable than my favorite leggings or my Topshop Jamie jeans. The high rise sits perfectly on my waist, and they don’t gap in the back! 13/10. Would recommend.  (ps apparently I forgot how much I had to say about these so heres some pics that they APPEAR in, sorry y’all)

Processed with VSCO with 4 prese

Thigh High Suede-look Boots(Lane Bryant, $70 // Nordstrom, $130) These boots! UGH! They are wonderful!! They are a beautiful faux suede, and they fit my athletic calves perfectly! Kind of disappointing from Lane Bryant, though, because it’s a plus size retailer. A 17″ calf is an athletic calf for most women. It’s my exact calf measurement, and these boots fit comfortably snug. But I know a lot of women who shop at Lane Bryant and wouldn’t be able to comfortably fit in these! I’m a firm believer in having multiple sizes for calves, just as we do for our feet. Narrow, Mid, and Wide should all exist, for all boots. These ones don’t provide a lot of stretch, particularly in the thigh area, but nonetheless they are still so comfortable and chic! I threw some Scotchgaurd on them so they stay nice and dry in the rain!

Blanket Scarves(Aerie, $30 // Nordstrom, $45I found this beauty on a trip to Portland with my mom. I paid around $30 for it on sale, and it’s so big and comfy! The versatility of a blanket scarf is awesome because it can be worn cowled around your neck, open and flowing, one casual loop, or as a LITERAL BLANKET. If you get cold, you’ve got a blanket and it doesn’t look like a superhero cape. The ultimate double duty accessory!! This one is not available anymore but this Treasure & Bond one from Nordstrom is super similar! The texture and pattern is almost spot on, just different colors!!

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

Chokers(TARGET. GO TO TARGET. $10-$25) 

ALL OF THE CHOKERS. I’ve bought so many over the past year from Target, Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack and Forever 21. Target by far has the best quality for the price. Plus, they now have a Baublebar line called “Sugarfix”. The baublebar style you love, except you can buy it now and it’s cheaper! What more could you ask for?!? Most of these were under $20 and can go with anything. Nordstrom BP and Topshop usually have some affordable chokers as well. I love pairing them with tank tops and blazers for a more elevated look, or jeans and an oversize sweater for something a little more relaxed. They have a bit of sex appeal but in a very appropriate way. And there are so many that are blingy and fun now!


Bomber/Coaches Jackets(Emonite LA, $80 // Victoria’s Secret PINK, $89 // Nordstrom, $80) Every Nite is Emo Nite to me when I’m in this jacket. If you don’t know what Emonite is, take a looksie here! It’s a super cool show where they play throwback jams of your favorite emo/pop punk bands from the 2000’s. When I saw this jacket I was like, yes please. Sign me up. Mind you, I was two tequilas in and just got paid, but there has not been a day that I have regretted this jacket! It’s oversized and longer, which is great because my long torso makes normal length tops feel awkwardly short sometimes. I love to pair this with jeans, Vans, and a basic t shirt or sweatshirt. I sprayed mine with Scotchgaurd so the rain rolls right off it, and it breaks the wind like no other! I also linked one from PINK and Nordstrom because they’re also cute, and Emo nite isn’t every nite for some of you and that’s okay!

PUMA Basket Platform Sneaker ($100, NordstromTHE PERFECT AIRPORT SNEAKERS!!! They’re cute as heck and only velcro! Going through security will be so easy! The platform feels retro but the suede elevates it, and gives it a more city-chic look. They fit a little big, so go half size down in these ones.


And so anyway, those are the styles I am loving this season. What styles and stores are you loving??

xox, -b


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