Friendly Feels

It’s almost the season of thankfulness… SO LET’S START IT OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT SHALL WE???

Life is so weird in the sense that, it hands you exactly what you need, when you need it. Things just have a weird way of working out. I feel like I have the best support system I’ve ever had.

The people I have around me let each other make mistakes, we learn and grow together, but we still have each others back. We can have fun, but we can also be serious. These are some of the strongest, most beautiful women I have ever had a chance to come across. I feel so lucky to have each of them as close to me as I do. They are all babes. Seriously. Like, how did I get friends who are stupid smart and stupid hot?!?!???!!

Lately I’ve been feeling really appreciative of my friends and family who put up with my constant bs and complaining, and who go through the hard times and the good times with me. I feel like I don’t tell my people how much I appreciate them, and how important they are to me. enough. This is a post dedicated to all the shenanigans we get into, and all the great times we have to look forward to. So, here’s a bunch of pictures featuring my favorite people and some of the adventures we’ve gone on over the years.

xox -b

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