VS: Angel Max

So, I caved. I went back to Victoria’s Secret. Only as super, super part time, and mostly for holiday and to *possibly* snag an internship with merchandising. But alas, when they announced the Angel Max sports bra, I felt it was necessary to share it’s wonders.****but completely unbiased bc tbh it isn’t my favorite Victoria Sport bra…..
So, here it is: Wireless, but supportive. Seamless and super smooth. It’s maximum impact for even your heaviest workouts… EXCEPT IF YOU HAVE HUGE BOOBS. Then it’s only, like, medium impact.
It’s not a bad bra, at all! It’s super comfortable and I love that it has a wireless feel, but still with reinforcement to support. I wear a 36F, and since VS doesn’t carry that size, I’m wearing a 38DD, which is the biggest size the bra comes in. The band is really, really snug. Which is good when you first buy it, but I almost felt like a 36 band would have been too tight! I took a quick run in it and immediately felt my chest fall out of place. The bra held them where they should be, but it was an instant uniboob for me. D cup or smaller, you’d probably have maximum support with this one. Anything larger, you’re gonna have to adjust yourself a little throughout the day/workout. Again, I’m not wearing my size. This could have totally been a matter of sizing.
The seamlessness was super comfortable but didn’t really provide me with the sleek look it boasts, especially through the back. But hey, we all carry our weight in different places, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a shot if you’re looking for something to lay seamless on your body!
The back has some super cute laser cut details,
it matches the front of it too. Truthfully it’s almost a little *too* cutesy for my style, I tend to go for more geometrical or mesh looks when it comes to workout gear… something with a little more edge. But I’m thinking for a lounge day, or running errands, this one will be great.
Check this out here on the VS Website!
 Also check out my girl Ali who always makes my hair look bomb and takes pictures for me and my blogs, she’s the coolest. Her instagram is ali.schneider11


-xox b

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