Travel Vibes: Things I Never Leave for the Airport Without

I’m a pretty decent traveler, so here’s some stuff my airport-obsessed-ass can’t travel without:

Headphones/Phone charger: for obvious reasons. Either to block out the plane noise, or if you’re like me, so the person sitting next to you doesn’t try to small talk with you. If you’ve upgraded to the iPhone 7 and lost your audio jack(and thus can no longer charge whilst listening to music), never fear! A dongle for both exists! You can even get it to match the color of your phone.

Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Oil(Sephora, $72): This is one of my everyday skincare essentials. A few months ago I came across this product in a Sephora, took home a sample, and have been in love ever since. It has a very light, natural fragrance and leaves my skin feeling so soft, hydrated and normalized. It helps with anti-aging and provides protection from environmental stressors and free radicals, which is really cool when you’re traveling as a changing barometer can really wrack some havoc on your skin. For someone with combination oily skin, this is a must-have as a changing barometer can cause breakouts. Fun fact about Drunk Elephant: It kind of got it’s name from this product. It’s said when elephants eat the Marula flower, it ferments inside their stomachs and causes them to be drunk. (you can read more about it here!) How cute!

Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder(Sephora, $13-$27) : Now I am probably the biggest dry shampoo junkie there is. And between all the different ones I’ve tried, I’ve come to realize: the better ones are in aerosol form. And that’s awful for traveling. I worked as a receptionist in a high end salon for a few months and discovered this little gem: a powder that is half dry shampoo, half “style extender”, full amazing. The 0.3oz bottle is about half the size of that travel size dry shampoo you’ve got, and it’ll last you at least four times as long. All you need is a few puffs in your roots. I always let it sit for a minute, then I toss my head upside down and fluff my fingers through. Not only does it save space in your suitcase, but(for me, at least…) it saves me time while I’m traveling! I usually only have to touch up a few curls on second and third day hair.

Tennis Shoes: Most of the time while you’re traveling, you’re doing a fair amount of walking. The good news? Athleisure is totally a thing right now, which means you can throw sneakers with the nicest of tops and you’ll still look on trend. Plus they’re usually pretty pliable, which will save some space in your luggage. Some of my favorites are from Vans, Toms and Nike.

Extra socks and panties: Because you can never be too sure what you’ll end up doing on vacation. More often than not, you don’t have access to a washing machine. So just bring extras. Trust me on this one.

At least one sturdy pair of jeans: When I say one, I mean pick one that will work with a handful of the tops and shoes you’ve chosen. Multitasking pieces are the key to a slick, no fuss vacation wardrobe. The Jamie Jean from Topshop is my go-to for any occasion. My favorite part about these is that they never gap and the waistband, and I can wear them usually around 6-7 times before I even start to notice any bagging in the bum.

Sunglasses: Again, for obvious reasons. Quay Australia(make no mistake, it’s pronounced “Key” Australia) makes pretty affordable, fashion forward shades. My current favorite are the Vivienne in black. If you’re ballin on a budget and can’t splurge the $60, Forever 21 and Nordstrom BP always have from fun frames for under $15.

A Flattering Liquid Lip: One of the biggest struggles I have is how much makeup I bring with me on vacation. I’ve pretty much gotten it down to a solid few items that let me do multiple styles(again, the key is finding your multitaskers!!), and one of the go-to items I ALWAYS have on me is Huda Beauty’s Liquid Matte Lipstick. Muse is my absolute favorite color, but they have enough shades that there’s a shade for every skin tone and complexion. I love the formula because it dries up enough where it doesn’t smudge, yet stays creamy enough that it doesn’t look cakey. And it smells hella dope. Can’t go wrong with that!! Protip: a little highlighter on your cupids bow will make this lip work with a dewier skin day.

Tarte Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer(Sephora, $36): This one is an awesome multitasker as well, because it is a tinted moisturizer, primer and SPF in one. It’s very buildable if you’re looking for more of a full coverage, or you can dilute it with a beauty blender or beauty oil. Honestly, this is more of a foundation to me than a primer. And even though it’s a matte finish, a few dabs of highlighter along your cheekbones, nose and cupids bow make a perfectly dewy look.

A leather jacket: Because it’s classic, and looks good with jeans and a t shirt or a dress and heels. My go-to is a faux leather moto-style that I found at American Eagle literally AGES ago, but you can always find them at Nordstrom or Forever 21. When I’m looking for leather jackets I usually opt for something slightly cropped, and with a little extra room in case I want to layer. This one from Topshop is pretty sweet, and pretty affordable for a staple item.

Obviously, you’re a pro now. Maybe. Sorta. Do you have any cool trips planned? Tell me about them in the comments!!

xox, b

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