California Luv

Yes, it was absolutely necessary to start this post, which will be about my time in California this past weekend, with a cheesy and inherently overplayed song lyric. I know. I’ll show myself to the door. But first, let’s talk about California.

Los Angeles. The city of Angels. Where sports fanatics and fashion fiends meet. Where beach bums and mountaineers collide. Foodies and winos rejoice. Where your dreams can be realized overnight. Where you can walk down the street and pretty much 9/10 times be offered a free mixtape for money. The logic is there if you don’t think about it, I promise. I just got back from visiting one of my dearest friends in California, and let me tell you: California and it’s people run to the beat of their own drum. I think there’s a lot we can learn from that.

The initial idea behind this blog was to one, document my life as I experience it(be it via travel, little things here and there, career goals, etc.), and two, so I can have a platform to speak my mind and get my thoughts out. I consider myself to be a pretty intelligent girl in most aspects of life, I’m sure there’s someone out there who will pay attention to the bullshit I keep spewing out to the www every few months. But anyway, let me get to the point here.

2016 drug me through so much bullshit. Honestly I’m so proud of myself for coming through it as strong willed and courageous as I did. One of the biggest lessons I learned was about friendship, and when it’s time to let go of it. Let’s explore.

You need the friends who will batter you down and treat you like shit. You need them so you can learn the value of your own self worth, and once you’ve realized that… Girl. You. are. INVINCIBLE. Literally invincible. One of my favorite movie quotes comes from the classic “The Princess Diaries”, Joe tells Mia that “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” And my god it is SO true.(I’m also aware this was originally said by Eleanor Roosevelt, so that’s kinda cool.) This is the first lesson I learned. When I feel myself getting down about a person or a situation, I try to remind myself that I might also be causing a piece of the feels. Check your own hands before you try to clean someone else’s.

Those people who treat you with such carelessness will push you right in the direction of the people who will build you up and make you who you are. Hold on to those ones. I feel very thankful to now be spending 2017 with incredible friends who blow my freaking mind everyday with their beauty. Find yourself friends who inspire you, who make you want to push yourself, who treat you how they want to be treated(aka well… because who doesn’t want to be treated well????). Once you find those friends, baby you will GLOW. RADIATE. Brighter than the damn sun.

California really lets me let that side of myself out. It might be something about it being new territory to me, and that I only know a small handful of people, all of which are so kind, generous and supporting… it would be hard to not feel my best, truthfully. I just feel so free. I feel like anything is possible. That atmosphere of possibility is something I am so eager to hold onto for this entire year. Let’s make some shit happen.

And now for the fashion aspect of this post: here, some pictures taken by my main girl Katie on this neat little street called Palm Drive. I’m telling you, California is magic. Actual magic. Here I’m wearing a Free People sweater, a Victoria’s Secret bralette, and Quay Australia “Lickety Split” shades. #neato

xox -b


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