Life vibes…

It’s kind of funny how life takes you in so many different directions. One second, you think it’s smooth sailing and then the next you’re knocked backwards from an unexpected wind. I’m beginning to realize these circumstances can be awful and really suck, but when it all comes down to it, it builds character. And that wind that knocked you down? It usually pushes you in the direction of a destination that’s better for you than what you have marked down on that little old map of yours.

In the past six months, I’ve lost more friends than I’ve gained. I’ve dropped out of school because I lost passion, and I’ve begun different schooling to help rebuild that fire. Work has drug me through more than my fair share of stress. I’ve had my heart stomped on because distance sucks. All of this has taught me so much, but mostly it’s taught me how to be genuine. How to know who I am at the very core and let that show through in my friendships, relationships, and my work. It’s taught me what it means to be unapologetically myself.

I guess this is just a little post to remind myself, and each and every one of you(ahem, the four of you who happen to stumble across this post due to clever tags), that life is unfair. But my god, if it were fair, where would all of our drive and ambition go?

My new goal for the end of this year is to just do what feels right to me. I’m notorious for second guessing myself. Honestly. I’m probably the closest thing this world has to a Queen of Indecision. Telling myself to let things go and have the wind guide me is so terrifying to me. But alas, new jobs and new experiences await. Afterall, you never learn if you stay inside of your comfort zone.

xox – b

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