Fashion Strikes Back!

Again, I’ve left this blog a wasteland after promising content. I guess it’s a good thing my only follower is a coworker(Thanks Lia, you da man!).

But I’m here to talk about a little something exciting in my life. I’ve done a lot of soul searching over the past couple months, and I’ve reconnected with my love for photography and fashion. And I mean, those two together are kind of a winning ticket for some sort of career, or at least a hobby where I can make some extra cash. I have a lot of personal aspirations that revolve around these two professions, and until recently I always kind of looked at it all as a pipe dream. I don’t think so anymore. As a woman, I know I am capable of whatever the hell I set my mind to. Why should I let the world tell me “no”, when I can tell myself “yes”?

I’m not the best student. I never have been. Recently I found a program offered by Parsons, which is one of the top fashion and design schools in the world, and Teen Vogue. It’s non-credit, which kind of sucks, but holy hell, the information! This is a certification program. I’m one course into it and I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am to be apart of it. Social media can be a tricky game to play, and up until recently I’ve always dreamt of being that “it” girl on Instagram and having 100 people like my post in the first 10 minutes, but I honestly never really knew how to get into it. Since fashion and photography are careers that are almost entirely based off of networking, a stellar presentation on social media is absolutely vital to your career. It’s not just about likes, folks. Content is just as, if not more, important to your success. You have to build a brand around yourself. You have to sell something to y0ur audience; a lifestyle, a feeling, something that leaves them satisfied, yet craving more of you. Anyway, my point here is, this certification is kind of job training in a way. I’m learning in a way that makes sense and feels right for me. And I am loving it.

In conclusion, I guess this is me reintroducing myself. My PNW Roots blended with my expensive taste and love for all things shiny. This is going to become my new haven, where I can discuss life, style, food and all of the things in between. I am Bridgette. My thighs are thick. My coffee is strong. I love traveling, dogs, and leggings. I’m hoping I’m here for good this time!

Here, take a peek at my first assignment. A look inspired from this pinterest board that I threw together. I’m wearing a Free People jacket, Topshop denim, and Jeffery Campbell shoes. (ps, I think my mom is getting the hang of this photography thing. Go you, mom!) This look was inspired by silk, leather and denim textures. I feel like it’s perfect for the transition from Summer to Fall. Don’t worry, after mom and I treated ourselves to some “premature” Pumpkin Spice Latte love. So excited for what this season has to bring!

xox – b

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