So after an unplanned hiatus, where I left this blog practically abandoned for four months after only two sub-par posts… *cue Slim Shady beat* … guess who’s back? Back again?

I’m back and totally excited to give this whole blogging thing a go again!

I think one of the reasons I struggle so much with blogging is that I’m so constantly apprehensive with the idea of how people will perceive what I write. This is largely because, growing up, I was always overly conscience of my body, what I said, what I wore …. the list goes on. So much so, I let the idea of fitting into such a small box in order to please society get in the way 0f pursuing my dreams and ambitions. Is this relevant? Are my thoughts with just? Do I just sound like a blubbering idiot?

Let me tell you something. As a 20 year old, I have learned more lessons that I’ve bargained for on self love, personal space, and being yourself. And I think the most important thing that you need to understand about loving yourself is that it is a completely radical thing to do. Who would’ve thought? Something so simple as giving yourself the time of day to admit to yourself that “hey, you’re human, and you are worth it” would be something people get upset about. But the truth is, we all have our own insecurities. And no matter how much you shave the corners and refine the grit, there is always something that is going to make us say, “yeah but this could be better”. This also applies with jobs, and even relationships sometimes. I know I’m not the only one to speak to the idea of loving yourself and being radical, and that’s because the world is starting to catch on to these things.

Remember a few years back when Beyonce went totally rouge and dropped an entire album without anyone knowing? Yeah. And then Kim K. had the audacity to say she “broke the internet” with her Paper Mag cover. (To each their own on this one, I just feel like Beybey’s album had more effect on me.) ANYWAY, if you haven’t before, go take a listen to “***Flawless”. Pay special attention to the sample from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED Talk. Or better yet, listen to the actual TED Talk. Her words are so powerful and to be completely honest, these are the kind of leaders I want to see influencing my children and their children, and so on. These are things we should be plastering on the walls and screaming from the top of our lungs. It’s things like this that are helping 20-year-old me completely shatter 15-year-old me’s insecurities. It’s things like this that make me feel confident in the idea that I don’t have to live my life in a conventional way.

This week, let’s talk about loving ourselves. Let’s begin to shatter these norms. Let’s love ourselves for who we are.

xox -b

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